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About Us.

sustain seafood is an association to promote sustainable fishing and supports small-scale fishing on the North Sea coast through public relations and marketing. We also see ourselves as an intermediary and networker between inshore fishing, politics and a variety of different stakeholder and usage interests in the North Sea region.


That´s why we want to address following topics:

  • Awaken the desire of consumers to buy fresh seafood and fish from the North Sea and to prepare them themselves
  • Strengthen the regional marketing of seafood and fish from the North Sea with short transport routes from the cutter to the plate of the end-consumer and promote sustainable fishing on the North Sea west coast
  • Involve inshore fishing in research projects to implement innovative, nature-friendly fishing methods and fisheries management measures
  • Inform about the North Sea fishery and its products
  • Make the origin and fishing method completely transparent
  • Enable fishermen to increase profits through direct sales
  • Give fishermen the opportunity to generate additional tourist income
  • Better utilize existing regional processing capacities and thus enable local companies to increase sales
  • Strengthen coastal communities economically and make them more interesting for tourism

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Our Crew

Our Crew

Nicole Knapstein

Executive Director, Historian

Dr. Ralf Döring

CEO, Economist

Kai Wätjen

CEO, Marine Biologist

Jonathan Eberlein,

CEO, Geographer

Nils Koschnick

Marine Biologist

Dirk Dell Missier

Fisherman Shrimp Fishery

Vivien Kudelka

Fisheries Biologist

Wolf Isbert

Marine Biologist